Also password protect the images and photos that you have on your computer !
You can also Convert your Photos and Screenshots to PDF without password !!

WHAT THIS WEBSITE OFFERS: allows you to protect or share your private photos safely, with a secure password to prevent anyone from having free access to your Photos or your confidential images, such as the photos taken from your cell phone, or the photos you have on your computer, such as travel photos, photos with your wife or spouse, your children, confidential images, compromising photos, identification documents, etc. and so avoid that any person without your authorization visualize or steal your private photographs. This site will generate automatically and immediately a PDF file with the photographs that you select (from your cell phone or from your computer) and that PDF file will be protected with The Password that you define, so you can send and share your photos with the people you want, protected by password, through WhatsApp, Facebook, Email, and any other digital media, or simply have them protected in your computer so that nobody but you can see your photos, even if your computer or your cell phone is stolen or hacked.

This site is ideal for Journalists, researchers, lawyers, detectives, auditors, reporters, photographers, designers, groups of whatsapp, groups of friends, boyfriends and in general for all the people who wish to be able to share and send private photographs, or confidential images, protected with password, in a secure way, either by Email, by Facebook, by Messenger and by Whatsapp.


One of the risks of sharing unprotected photos, is that anyone with access to your cell phone (even for a brief period of time) or with acces to your computer or to your online accounts, could easily see your private or compromising photos, and even copy and share them (which nowadays happens to millions of people without their noticing, due to the high proliferation of hackers, viruses, malware and spyware existing on the internet or simply by stealing or loosing your cell phone, which happens to thousands of people every day), for that reason, if you want to protect your important photos with Password, even if you do not intend to send them or share them with anyone, then the best best you can do, is to password protect your private photos that you consider important and that are currently unprotected on your cell phone or your computer, through this website, wich you can use as many times as you want.

Currently there are hundreds of "FREE APPS"* (Free Mobile Applications) that hides photographs, but the problem is that they remain stored on your device and are available only inside that Operating System.

The Advantage of using this website is that we Password Protect your photos (with the password defined by your self), inside a downloadable PDF file , (wich we delete inmediately from this server), then you can share your Password protected PDF file, with your contacts through WhatsApp, Facebook and e-mail, and then your photos could be viewed on any device after entering the correct password , which is a big plus for having your photos protected by password, also in your email account, in your dropbox or in the cloud, regardless of some one stealing your computer or phone or the destruction of your device.


Below are some examples in which this website may serve you:


If you want to send an important photo or an important group of photos by email or whatsapp to a friend or to a group of friends or if you want to send this photos to your own email address, and you DO NOT want them to be viewed by anyone, then you definitely need to protect those images with password through this website, because nowadays any hacker or malicious person could intercept or have access to your photos that have been sent by Whatsapp or by Email, therefore this website is a valuable tool for sharing or sending Private photos that could become a problem in case of falling into the hands of wrong people.


If you are a professional photographer, or a graphic designer or would like to be able to sell your arts, images or photographs by Internet, then with our website you could easily set a unique password to every single PDF that you will send to every single buyer of your photos, and this password could be the buyer's email address or his credit card number, in this way, you could prevent your valuable work to be shared by your clients, or prevent them to maliciously upload your photos to a free download site, which would destroy all the work made by you.


With our photo protection service, you will be able to immediately set a Password to your photographs and images (by embbeding them inside a Password protected PDF Files) To password protect your photos, you must fill complete the following 3 requirements:

1. Upload the Photo or the Photographs that you want to protect (this photos will be protected inside a PDF file with password, Maximum 15 photos per PDF file, you can upload photos directly from the cellphone's image gallery or the directly from your cellphone's camera, or images from your tablet, laptop, or desktop computer, videos are not allowed, all photos must be files with extension .jpg or .gif or .png, with a maximum limit of 4Mb per photo).

2. The Password that you would like to set for the PDF file that this website will generate. (This is the password that will be needed to open the PDF and view your photos)

3. The WEBpassword required to use this service. (You can test this service for free by entering in the WEBpassword field, the word: demo, and later if you wish, you can buy a WEBpassword below, with a one single time validity or one month validity or even a one year validity)


STEP 1. Enter the photo or photos you want to protect:
(Each photo must be a .jpg or .gif or .png file, you could also upload photos from your cellphone's image gallery or directly from your cellphone's camera, important: each of the photos must not weigh more than 4Mb, videos are not accepted.)

Photo 1:

STEP 2. Enter the Password you want for the Protected PDF File (this step is optional):
(If you dont want your PDF to have a password, then leave this field blank, but if you want to set a password for your PDF, then you must enter from 8 to 30 characters with letters and numbers without spaces, you can also include these 4 signs for email addresses: - _ @. Be sure to enter a password that you will never forget, because there is NO WAY We could help you find the password of a PDF, in case you forget the Password.)

STEP 3. Enter the WEBpassword necessary to use this service:
(If you do not have a WEBpassword, you can enter in the WEBpassword field, the word: demo)

If you define a password for your PDF in step 2, but use the WEBpassword "demo" in step 3, then the password to open your photos will be: 123456 (unless you enter a paid WEBpassword, which you could buy below).

If you do not enter a Password for your PDF, in step 2, then the Generated PDF will not have a Password (this option is useful to convert screenshots and cellphone photos to PDF in order to share your photos in PDF format, without password)

Again, if you do not have a WEBpassword and you want to try this service for FREE, you can then enter in the WEBpassword field, located above, the word: demo, later if you wish, you could also buy a WEBpassword below, to protect your photos without any limitations.


If you have already tried this service with the WEBpassword "demo "and would like to Protect your photos, without no limitations, and with the option to set your own password on your protected PDF, you can then buy a WEBpassword, which will be sent to your email address in less than 24 hours, after after paying from any country through Western Union, Moneygram, Bitcoin, or through an International Transfer or Deposit at Banco Industrial de Guatemala, according to these indications:

We offer 3 types of WEBpasswords, the 3 types of WEBpasswords are:

1. A Basic WEBpassword (one time usage), which will allow you to protect your photos in a single PDF file with password, without any automatic or recurrent charge. (ideal to protect your photos and put the desired password to 1 single PDF file, this WEBpassword can be used only one time, for one PDF document)

2. A One Month WEBpassword (unlimited usage), Valid for unlimited use, during 1 Month, this WEBpassword will allow you to protect all the photos you want, for the period of one month, at the end of the month this WEBpassword will expire without any automatic or recurrent charge at the end of the month.

3. A One Year WEBpassword (unlimited usage), Valid for unlimited use, during 1 Year, this WEBpassword will allow you to protect all the photos you want, for the period of one year, at the end of the year this WEBpassword will expire without any automatic or recurrent charge at the end of the year.

Any of the Paid WEBpasswords, allow you to protect your photos in a Password Protected PDF file without any of the limitations generated by the Fre Trial.

Note: The Password Protected PDF files generated by our system will never expire, the only thing that expires is the WEBpassword validation period, so if your WEBpassword get expired and you need to protect more photos, then you will need to Buy a new WEBpassword in this website.

If you buy any of these 3 types of WEBpasswords to protect your photos, then you will receive your WEBpassword by email within the next 24 hours after making your payment.

To buy a WEBpassword, first read the
"EXPLANATORY NOTES" located at the end of this page and Then, click below on the type of WEBpassword that you wish to buy:


1. This website only protects images and pictures with .jpg, .png and .gif extensions (gif images will be uploaded in a static way, not animated), the protection is done by generating a PDF file protected by password, which contains all the photos you want to protect, we make this verye clear, because due to the structure of a jpg, gif or png file, it is not possible to put a password directly to a photo .jpg or .png or .gif. The generated PDF could de viewed and downloades directly from this website, ans can also be downloaded in ZIP format after uploading your photos.
2. Each WEBpassword only has validity according to the type of WEBpassword purchased, the Basic WEBpassword is valid for one sinlge use, and can only be used to protect 1 photo or a 15 photos maximum, with a password protected PDF file generated by our website, the monthly WEBpassword can be used unlimited times but only for 30 days, and the annual WEBpassword, can be used unlimited times during a whole year.
3. The purchase of your WEBpassword in this website is completely secure without any recuerrent charge at the end of the month or at the end of the year, therefore only a single charge is made each time you purchase a WEBpassword. (the WEBpassword will be sent to your email in the next 24 hours, after paying with Bitcoin or with a cash deposit from any country by Western Union or MoneyGram or with an International bank transfer or with a Bank deposit at Banco Industrial de Guatemala)
4. After buying your WEBpassword, you will receive it by email in the course of the next 24 hours, with the subject "WEBpassword Comprado", if you do not see this email in yout inbox after 24 hours, then please check your SPAM tray.
5. Your purchase is 100% secure on our website, however we do not offer refund of any payment, therefore, before buying your WEBpassword, we highly recommend to make firs a free trial with the WEBpassword: demo
6. The protection of photos through a PDF file generated on our website uses a very complex algorithm that makes the protected PDF File extremely difficult to be unlocked, preventing your PDF file from being opened by anyone who does not have the correct password defined by you ( thats why we Can NOT Unlock or Remove the password to any protected PDF document), however for security reasons, the password that you define for your PDF files, must have between 8 and 30 characters, containing letters and numbers, without spaces, You can also include in your password these 4 signs: - _ @. We do not guarantee 100% that all PDF files protected in this site can not be decrypted due to the entry of a weak password (to prevent a password from being unlocked by any robot, it is best to define a password that has at least 15 characters long with uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers).
7. It is strictly PROHIBITED to use this website for illegal activities, we reserve the right to admit users and the right to cancel any WEBPassword without any refund, to users who use this service for illegal or criminal activities of any kind, The generation of PDF files is made with the content uploaded by the users, therefore we are not responsible for the users content, which is automatically removed from this server, we never copy or have access to the generated files, and most important, we can not unlock any PDF generated by our system.
8. Prices shown on this website do not inlclude tax, for any country.
9. The photo protection service offered on this website is only intended for .jpg .png and .gif files, with maximum recommended dimensions of 1000x1000pixels, each photograph can not be greater than 4Mb, (if you try to upload photos from a device with an extremely high resolution, possibly this pictures will not be accepted because of their large dimensions, in that case it would be better to resize them and upload them from a desktop computer) otherwise the photos could not be embedded inside the PDF file protected by password, the resolution of every single photo inside the PDF document will be automatically adjusted to a maximum width of 816 pixels and a maximum height of 1056 pixels, we are not responsible for the content of the photos, image resolution, image proportions or the orientation of the PDF photographs.

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